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**Introduction to Hélène Fardais, Mural Painter**

Since 1996, Hélène Fardais has been enchanting public and private spaces with her vibrant and captivating murals. Her artistic talent is expressed through works that transform places and tell unique stories.

Among her notable achievements, you can admire some examples of her work on Isle-aux-Coudres. At the Havre de Musique, her murals capture the melodic and festive essence of the place. At the Pavillon Restons Chez Nous, she has created a welcoming and warm atmosphere, inviting contemplation and relaxation.

Hélène has also embellished the Cidrerie Pednault with murals that reflect the richness and tradition of this iconic location. The Marché Tradition showcases her works both on the facade and in the windows, where each painting tells part of the local history and daily life. At the Plancher de la Halte de la Boulangerie Bouchard, her creations add an artistic touch to the floor, making every visit an immersive experience.

In addition to her murals, Hélène Fardais has also created a remarkable sculpture at Mademoiselle Églantine, demonstrating the versatility of her artistic talent.

She also presents three locally themed coloring books available at various shops on Isle-aux-Coudres, including the Épicerie chez Paul.

Each work by Hélène Fardais is an invitation to discover a universe rich in colors, emotions, and stories, where mural art becomes a vector of beauty and culture in living spaces.

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