La Grande Traversée

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Seasonal establishment • Winter

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Ice canoe competition regrouping the best teams in Quebec (on top of the teams from Calgary, Chicago, and France) who share the Saint-Lawrence River, confronting courants, tides, ices, and frails. Ice canoe international circuit race (CICG) on an 8 km course between l’Isle-aux-Coudres and the north shore. Qualifications are Friday night and the race is on Saturday.

1922 Chemin des Coudriers
L’Isle-aux-Coudres (Québec)
Canada, G0A 1X0



3 days in February

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Distance de la traverse

Distance à parcourir 

9,4 km

Temps en automobile

12 min

Temps en vélo

33 min

Temps à la marche

1 h 53 min

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