Boulangerie Bouchard

About This Project

4 seasons establishment


Entering our artisan bakery is discovering a range of regional products, with its breads, its « pâtés croches* », its delicious brioches and its extremely popular grand-mèreand sugar pies, the bakery also offers diverse artisan breads and a selection of homemade products (meat pies, confits, ketchups, rillettes, greaves, sandwiches, pizza-breads, pies and pastries) as well as vegetarian products, cheeses and a diversity of local products.

*A local dishresembling a small meat-pie.

1648 Chemin des Coudriers
L’Isle-aux-Coudres (Québec)
Canada, G0A 1X0


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Accepted payments

Credit card
Debit – Interac

Distance to ferry

Total distance 

6,8 km

By car 

9 min

By bicycle 

26 min

By walk 

1 h 22 min

Agrotourism, Ready to eat