Practical info

An overview of the island in a few key points

The island, because of its location in the middle of the Saint-Lawrence River and of its low elevation on sea level, has a somewhat special microclimate. As a result, winters are milder; rains are generally of brief duration; summers are a bit cooler and the sea breeze makes them very enjoyable.

To the rhythm of the tides

Living on an island is to be imprinted by the tides’ cycle, literally. Four times during the day, the tide, like a long inhalation, will rise on the edges of the banks and will then withdraw far away on the flats. This influences the island’s activities as well as the landscapes.

The Marsouin (Beluga)

In the region, we call the inhabitants of the island the « marsouins », in English meaning « porpoises. » We are talking about belugas, in reality, confused by Jacques Cartier who identified them as white porpoises during his passage in 1534. Here’s a little info to learn more about our emblem, this very sympathetic marine mammal.

Guided by the winds

The wind rising on the island gives place to a magnificent spectacle. The horizon is colored with a multitude of Kitesurfs displaying their prowess, sometimes even up to the clouds! The island is a well-known meeting spot for this aquatic sport that is becoming more and more popular and welcomes the enthusiasts from all over the province. The Suroît or the Northeast, to know everything about it, it’s over here.


The island is an immensely popular bird sanctuary! We can observe over 100 species, in different times of the year, that settle here or that are only of passage. The wooded areas, the riverside and the indoor wetlands make it a real gold mine for ornithologists.


Here is cyclist paradise! 23 km of panoramic and scenic cycle paths on the road that belts the island, lined with wildflowers and by the River. It is also 17 km of related trails that will lead you to new discoveries and breathtaking views. A total of almost 40 km to explore on bike! Motorists and cyclists are invited to share the road with courtesy.

The wild territory of the island makes it an exceptional playground with a rich and diverse biodiversity. It is primordial that we all stay united and that we continue to protect and assure its tidiness, just like the young insulars are inviting us to do so in this campaign.